Tuesday, January 03, 2006

We are Borg, hear us Roar

"Free" software zealots sitting in their basements consider themselves part of a collective hive mind. They like to use the word "we" a lot, and they don't seem to mind when others (who don't even know they exist), speak for them. The rational for this is that the fringe extremists would like to be more than a tiny minority of the open source world, but most aren't, so live in delusional fantasy worlds where they have substantial influence. Unfortunately, there are a few kernel developers who do have influence and have harrassed hardware manufacturers claiming they can't write closed source drivers and such. 99% of desktop linux users don't care if Nvidia and ATI drivers are closed source, but the 1% of those that do aren't happy with you not caring. In the zealot world, there is no room for dissension, and they would rather have the open source desktop fail to be competitive than not have some C code they wouldn't know what to do with if even if they could get their grubby mitts on it.


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