Monday, November 14, 2005

Internet politics

The fascists at the UN are back to trying to grab control of the Internet again. Of course, Slashdot and OSNews ran with it and the usual suspects of weak-minded, socialist, anti-american europeans, canadians, and others thought it was such a great idea.

Of course their rabid, anti-americanism blinds them from any sense of rational thinking. This time the meeting was held in Tunisia of all places and The Register had another interesting story about the free speech angle to all of this.

Do these western idiots that support this crap ever stop and think why countries like China, Cuba, and Venezuela like the UN taking control? Of course not, if it's against the US then it must be good.

So what's the real take on all of this. This is easy - censorship and taxation. And maybe it's not really a surprise that Canadians and Europeans are all gung-ho for this. They don't have free speech like the US knows. It's not in their constitution and place like Canada, France, the UK, and Germany all have some pretty draconian anti-free speech laws under the guise of "hate speech" - yeah, nice one, call it hate speech and how could anybody be against it. And of course with America pretty much being sick and tired of the idiot antics of the UN this would be a great move for the UN to steal some money from everybody.

The administration will have no part of it. Who knows what Al Gore would have done. He probably would have been against it just for the mere fact that "he invented it".

More Americans need to wake up and recognize the hordes of fascists, socialists, and communists that are still sliming all over the planet even after the cold war is over.


Blogger Moulinneuf said...

CANADA stand for

Defender of

How can Canadian be against themself ? they are the real Americans ! The Etats-Unians coward have there head up there ass on this one , ICANN is a NON profit organistion much like the Red Cross , the US "of A" as once again proven that it dont know what its is doing and is ready to lie at outrance to steal something or power that never whas is to begin with.

The US constitution existed as long as it whas protected by its people , the creation of the patriot act ( coward act of the US ) as made it NULL and VOID its a paraody of its former self.

You mix freedom with hate then it means that you do not understand freedom at all as freedom is provided by others who are all your equals , No hate is not tolerated in our Country because we have learned from the lessons of WW1 of WW2. Wich your country whas so coward to only join once it whas won and done both time.

Why is the US still part of the UN when it said it whas irrelevant ? Because they know that there own word is bulshit , if something is irrelevant you walk away from it entirely.

The administartion in the US is still part of the UN as long as they are part of it your doubletalk is absolutely meaningless , its the same as with Freedom fries , fries where created in Belgium only stupid idiotic US "of A" citizen would go and spend money on such a farce and think they made a point at all , exept showing there own pathetic meaningless lack of international culture.

The Cold war whas won by CANADA because we refused to toe the line of the US "of A" , thats why all of Russia and its former Sattelite regions are full of Canadian Mcdonalds , Canadian Coca-Cola etc ...

Yes Americans need to wake up and tell the Coward Etats-Unians to shut the hell up , you really have nothing inteligent to say at all and are disrespectful for the real American of the US "of A" who participated in CREATING the UN as they knew back then the meaning of unity and would have died before letting any man make coward change to there ho so treasured constitution.

You , and you pears , are a only a disgrace and living on the liberty won by Real American , but you do not at all speak for them or in there name as you are a total disgarce of there memory.

3:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The fascists at the UN are back to trying to grab control of the Internet again.

That's not very accurate. The UN is not about to 'grab' control of the Internet. If there is agreement amoung member states to cede control to the UN, then it will accept this role.

It seems to me like a sensible democratic measure. All countries contribute to the Internet, so it makes sense to allow all countries to participate in running it -- the same way that all citizens of a country get to vote on the government.

Certainly (as has often been pointed out) we have the USA to thank for the Internet's blueprint. But it is absurd to use this as a claim to ownership.

We have the UK to thank for the blueprint for world's postal services, but that doesn't mean the UK owns the world's postal services. Indeed, we have the UK to thank for the blueprint for government that many countries use, but that certainly doesn't mean the UK should control the world's governments.

Funnily enough, the UK (or specifically the Queen of England) is officially the soverign of New Zealand (the country where I live). But I think it is fair to say that she has only stayed in this historical role because she has not actually interfered in New Zealand politics. US control of the Internet, perhaps, is much the same.

5:04 AM  
Blogger Smartpatrol said...

Not sure if the UN are fascists but they certainly are utterly and completely worthless. Good thing we have examples like Moulinneuf to prove your point (I agree with) almost exactly. He actually believes that our annoyance at Canadian(and other countries) ignorance is not as justified as the world bias against America which is generated by the same old common enemies of American freedom that being Fascists, Socialists, Communists and common dictators suffering from penis envy(Hugo Chavez). You are right on with your blog and your opinion is shared by others.

12:42 PM  
Blogger Dave said...

Molinneuf, thanks for proving my point. I appreciate the comments on my blog.

2:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Molinneuf, thanks for proving my point. I appreciate the comments on my blog.

Someone else being wrong doesn't prove you right.

Besides, although I don't much like his attitude, he does have a valid point. The USA's publicity compaign to keep control of the world's Internet does involve some dubious claims.

Yes, criticism may be leveled at the UN for being slow moving in comparison to USA unilateralism -- democracies are generally slower than dictatorships. But that's not a bad thing. It would be better for the Internet to have the stability afforded by being sheilding from a single country's political agenda.

5:47 PM  
Blogger Moulinneuf said...

Actually , you showed me as right , My main point is that your a minority who is very vocal and totally disconnected from reality. You can claim to be victim all you whant , but at the end of the day your always found to be the one harassing others and with the weapon in hands or vitriol at the foam of your mouth.

BTW its not your site its a BLOG on Google , I come to answer your stupid comment as I see no value in letting lie get spread without impunity.

9:52 PM  
Blogger Dave said...

Molinneuf, listen I know you're french canadian, completely brain damaged, and a victim of socialist propaganda, but let's get a couple things straight. I'm not claiming I'm a victim. I'm claiming idiots like you are the victims of some bizarre canadian re-education camp.

What's funny about you moulinneuf, is that even your fellow insanse GPL/Linux zealots over at osnews think you're a basketcase.

But thanks for the comment. Leftist nutjobs exposing themselves is always a good thing.

10:51 PM  
Blogger Moulinneuf said...

I will adress reality , not your isanity ...

" I'm not claiming I'm a victim"

Your claiming to have control over the internet and that UN is trying to take it from you. Its enterely false.

" is that even your fellow insanse GPL/Linux zealots "

GPL advocate are not insane or zealot , you use a lot of extreme word wich are in english wich are supposed to be your language wich you dont undersatnd the meaning or use in the right way at all.

"over at osnews think you're a basketcase."

Dont believe everything anonymous write. Real GPL advocate and GNU/Linux advocate are far more radical then me on the subject.

"Leftist nutjobs exposing themselves is always a good thing."

I aint leftist , I aint a nutjob either. Thanks of you to try to categorize me as such.

4:52 AM  
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