Saturday, November 19, 2005

Comedy Gold Jerry: Stallman, Tinfoil Hats, and the UN

You just can't make this stuff up. I was perusing Slashdork and came across this. The gist of it is that Richard Stallman didn't like his RFID badge, was wrapping it up with tinfoil, and thus got into it with some Tunisian/UN security forces and actually got detained for a couple hours. The theatrics were effective enough that it got play on /.

I actually agree with Stallman's view on this. RFID tags are a bit creepy in a slippery-slope kind of way. It's too bad that he can't take this small bit of libertarianism and reconsider his other political views in a broader context. Maybe he'll realize that these UN types are the exact kind of statists that love RFID technology.

The side issue that I found interesting was, according to Peren's blog, Stallman and Bruce Perens were officially representing the UN, and had UN development IDs. I wonder if the UN autocrat that came up with that idea had ever taken a look at Stallman. Microsoft must love it when a hygenically challenged, Charles Manson-looking guy is up on stage at a UN event espousing the greatness of "free" software.

The other funny thing is Perens calling himself "an open source leader". Stallman, yeah (even though he would call it the free software movement and probably hurts open source as much as he helps) and Linus Torvalds, but Bruce Perens? I guess you can't stop anybody from self-anointed....or in this case UN anointed.


Blogger Moulinneuf said...

Slashdot primary covers GNU/Linux news.

Bruce Perens :

5:44 AM  
Blogger Dave said...

Molulinneuf, in your crazed world Slashdot primarily covers GNU/Linux news.

But, once again, thanks for posting and proving my points.

11:36 AM  
Blogger Moulinneuf said...

Its Moulinneuf , happens to be my real name.

No in reality GNU/Linux is a primary subject that is discussed and considered news at Slashdot :

Let me try to give you an analogy for Slashdot's homepage. It's like an omelette: it's a combination of sausage and ham and tomatoes and eggs and more. Over the years, we've figured out what ingredients are best on Slashdot. The ultimate goal is, of course, to create an omelette that I enjoy eating: by 8pm, I want to see a dozen interesting stories on Slashdot. I hope you enjoy them too. I believe that we've grown in size because we share a lot of common interests with our readers. But that doesn't mean that I'm gonna mix an omelette with all sausages, or someday throw away the tomatoes because the green peppers are really fresh.

There are many components to the Slashdot Omelette. Stories about Linux. Tech stories. Science. Legos. Book Reviews. Yes, even Jon Katz. By mixing and matching these things each and every day, we bring you what I call Slashdot. On some days it definitely is better than others, but overall we think it's a tasty little treat and we hope you enjoy eating as much as we enjoy cooking it.

Answered by: CmdrTaco
Last Modified: 6/14/00

Its my pleasure to show everytime that your wrong and have no point.

Have a nice day.

1:47 AM  
Blogger Dave said...

Moulineuff, you are a complete nutcase as can be seen by your osnews posts. Even the other zealots shy away from you. And yes, I know in your fantasy world Slashdot and everything else in the world is about Linux and the GPL. If anybody else reads this, please goto osnews and do a little search on Moulineuff for his comments. It's comedy gold. Moul, buddy, I appreciate your comments though because you just prove my point

12:11 AM  

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