Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Binary Drivers and Myopic Zealot Groupthink

Politics rear its ugly head again and once again prove that zealotry will be the downfall of Linux. Sun must just laugh their asses off when they read crap like this. In typical delusional zealotry, the idiots think that they can force hardware manufacturers to open up their drivers. Of course they can't and haven't, as can be seen with Nvidia and ATI, but that won't stop them from shooting themselves in the foot and ruining any chance of Linux becoming mainstream on the desktop.

With Apple possibly shipping Intel boxes sooner than people had thought, the idea of LotD becoming mainstream is all but gone. When will the zealots get it through their head that they are meaningless and they will just be laughed at. Oh, never...they are zealots.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have always wondered why so many hardware companies are against open sourcing their drivers. It's not like copying the drivers will hurt their sales, people still have to buy the hardware!

And closed source drivers aren't just a problem for Linux, they're a problem for MS Windows too. The people who write the OS know the OS, but don't know the hardware, and visa versa with the people who write the hardware drivers.

It's been suggested that closed source hardware drivers are a significant contributing factor to the instability of MS Windows, and I wouldn't be surprised. It would really help if the OS people and hardware people could work together on this.

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